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On my moto-commute!
On my moto-commute!
Uribe, Chuck Jr.

It's been a few months since I've submitted an article on this forum. The primary reason is that I was involved in a minor motorcycle accident during my morning commute, back in March. I was straddling my motorcycle while stopped at a stoplight, when a car came up behind me and clipped me on my right side. My motorcycle sustained very little damage. A bystander was able to start it right up, and ride it to a nearby parking lot. I sustained a broken right fibula (clean break, thankfully), and an almost separated right foot (at the ankle). I always wear all of my riding gear whenever I'm on my motorcycles; so my foot was probably saved, because I was wearing my service boots when I was struck by the car.

When the firefighter/paramedics arrived, my lower leg and ankle were slightly painful, but I wasn't able to put any weight on it, as I was helped off of the street and out of the intersection. I didn't think much of the whole caper: my motorcycle was still in one piece (or so I thought), I wasn't in a whole lot of pain (I've felt more pain after sparring), and I had plenty of lesson plans for my classes (I am, again, a public school teacher).
The paramedics and I engaged in small talk during our trip to the emergency room. I was upbeat. I was happy to be alive. If the car had actually rear-ended me, or if it had been traveling a little faster, I would have been killed on the spot. I turned down their offers of pain medication, and called my school to let them know that I wouldn't be stopping by for work, that day.
I was delivered to the local emergency room within minutes. The staff there was concerned that I might have been injured worse than I thought I had been, but I assured them that I was feeling very little pain. They regularly checked in on me, and I continued to assure them that I was okay. I ended up waiting for about two hours, before I was wheeled over to get my leg X-rayed.

During my two hours, I performed several sets of isometric exercises while seated on the gurney. I did sets of biceps curls, overhead triceps extensions, crunches, flutter kicks, leg scissors, shrugs, seated towel snatches (yeah, I got really creative), and seated towel pull ups. Each of the movements was executed with full range-of-motion, and slowly with total, deliberate focus. The flutter kicks were uncomfortable, as were the leg scissors, but I still didn't feel enough pain to justify stopping or modifying these exercises.
I had a light sweat going by the time I was wheeled off to get my leg X-rayed. The X-rays confirmed that my leg had been broken, and that my ankle was damaged. I was wheeled back to my spot in the emergency room, and briefed by the attending physician regarding her diagnosis, and her admonishment to see my regular doctor within the week, to schedule an appointment with a specialist. A nurse stopped by, within a few minutes, to reset my broken leg and damaged ankle for the splinting process. I was asked if I wanted to be medicated for this process. I declined the medication, flipped over onto my stomach, and reasoned to myself that anyone can endure three minutes of anything.

I had nobody to pick me up from the hospital. My father was always my, "go-to" person for these types of things, but he had passed away a few months ago. My mother didn't drive (she's in her early 80's), and my son was in class at a local college.
My second ex-wife picked me up at the hospital and drove me home. She even purchased two burritos from my favorite Latino restaurant! She shook her head, said that my new beard made me look ten years older, and asked where my motorcycle ended up. When we got to my place, I thanked her for picking me up and for purchasing the burritos, exited her car, and made my way into my house.

I now had the monumental task of learning how to get around with crutches. I soon learned that I had to plan different routes to use the toilet, and that I could no longer take a shower to bathe myself. When my son came home from school, I asked him to lay one of the heavy bags onto the Jiu Jitsu mats on the floor, and to roll over the dumbbells and one of the kettlebells nearby the supine heavy bag.

I shaved my beard, before going to sleep that night, ...

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