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I'm Baaaack!

Greetings fellow examiners and readers, I am returning to write once again for It’s been a little over 2 years since my last publication. That was a time of great turmoil in the Examiner world; site reinvention, compensation rework, and some editorial uncertainty. I had taken a position as an associate pastor at small local fellowship, and all things being equal, felt my time and resources would be better used there than here.
I have since moved out of the Jacksonville area, and resigned my position at Called Out Believers in Christ. It was two years of watching God grow me and His church and a very exciting time. That is not to say that writing isn’t exciting, but I now have the time, and money is no longer a compelling reason for me to write again. (I would still like to get paid, just that I don’t have to depend upon it)
I am glad to be back, and it will take some time to get familiar with all the new bells and whistles in the Examiner world. But I look forward to being a blessing and giving everyone something to think about.


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