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I'm As Frustrated With Emmy Judges As You Are, Good Wife

I Feel Your Pain
I Feel Your Pain
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It's no secret that a lot of network heads are frustrated at the way basic and pay cable have dominated the Emmy the last few years. And among the people who have the most legitimate reason are the showrunners for The Good Wife. For the last two years, one of the best dramas on TV have been completely shut out of that category in favor of cable series that have fewer restriction on language and sexuality , and take more creative risk.
So over the last couple months, while engaging in one of the finest seasons of it's life, The Good Wife has been engaging in some so-subtle-you'd probably miss it if you weren't looking for it bashing of it's competition. Last March, they began an episode with a clip from a series on AMC which showcased a series so convoluted and violent, Grace and Zach couldn't explain it to Alicia. (The episode was also titled "That's How You Double Source, Bitch!, which any casual viewer would recognize as a slam at Breaking Bad.)
A few weeks later, after Will was killed, Alicia suffered a nervous collapse, and came home to watch TV, and tuned on AMC, where one of the characters launched on rambling monologue about "white hats and black hats and black hats with white stripes.' Having never seen the show, I'm thinking they might have been taking a dig at Low Winter Sun, which frankly is kind of like jabbing at a wounded puppy with a broken leg. That same episode, Alicia also watched a badly lit series when one of the characters kept saying (in a Texas drawl) "all we are is pigs in mud." I may be reading too much into this, but I'm guessing this was them taking a slam at True Detective. This was confirmed in the last episode when Alicia, again taking another day off, watched what seemed to be that same show with a character saying "Sex is a chimera', and "You didn't deserve this, Norma Jean." Little pissed that HBO now considers True Detective a drama and not an anthology series,, are we?
Robert, Michelle, I feel your pain. One of the penalties of living in a Golden Age of Television is that network TV gets far less credit for what it does than AMC or HBO or Netflix. I would be the first to say that The Good Wife deserves to get nominated for Best Drama over, say, Ray Donovan, Game of Thrones or the current season of Mad Men. And it is bullshit that HBO has decided True Detective is not an anthology series when it will have a different cast next season. But try not to be this bitter over it. Or if you are, at least take a shot at some series that deserve it--- Downton Abbey, say, or Homeland. Then the viewers would get the joke, and be more likely to give you credit for being so, meta. More importantly, don't waste time that could be devoted to plot and character on this. Your series is one of the greatest in the last ten years--- don't blunt yourself by trying to curse the darkness rather than light a single candle.