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I’m a teacher—“Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me?”

From August through June, I take the minds and the spirits of young people and mold them and educate them and help them to succeed.

Why not pick on Congress? They are not there for the citizens of the United States. They are there for themselves, their party, and their reelections. That’s why nothing gets done and this country is in a mess.

I work with the students that they give me—high, low, medium, special needs, and English Language learners.

Why not pick on the athletes and entertainers who earn millions upon millions, then provide the worst role models for our young people?

I have a Bachelors degree, a lifetime teaching credential, a whole load of classes beyond that, and a world of experience.

The athletes who spend a year in college and learn nothing or the athletes who sign professionally right out of high school and earn signing bonuses greater than my lifetime earnings have no impact on the future of America. Only teachers do.

Lawyers, doctors, dentists, nurses, architects, engineers, and so many other professionals must have a college education beyond their Bachelors degree. No one is picking on them. How would their lives be if they were told what to do by nonprofessionals, continually criticized, and fearful for their jobs?

What about the local politicians who use their whole time in office trying to make sure that they get reelected or elected to a higher office? They spend their whole term of service (as does Congress) raising funds for their election. They collect from developers and then the developers collect favors from them.

What about the CEO’s who earn 10’s of millions every year, while their employees work just above the minimum wage level? How about the American companies that are moving their corporate offices overseas to avoid U.S. taxes? Or the oil companies and their government subsidies?

And they are trying to castrate the public school teachers!

Those that can teach teach; those that can’t criticize. They feel that they are experts because they attended school. In most cases, the reformers and their progeny attended private schools.

I’m a teacher—“Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me?”

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