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Shady sits in the isolated Kennel 23 at the San Bernardino City Animal Care and Control; the animal shelter that all too often euthanizes all black dogs and any pit bull breed not adopted or rescued on their one designated exit date.

Please share Shady's story and help her find a home.
San Bernardino City Animal Control

Somehow Shady has been granted a temporary reprieve, but there are never any promises and fewer happy endings.

Shady used to have a family, although there are doubts how well she was treated, but the worst indignity was being surrendered to a high kill shelter simply because her family decided to move. No one even turned around to give her a kiss or to say goodbye; the emotional cruelty happens much too often.

Shady isn't any different; she's barely two-years-old and is an unaltered female black and white pit bull mix. As she was being categorized and photographed, and moved out of the receiving kennel, she shivered and cowered so much, she immediately lost "points" and out to an isolated area she went. Dogs were barking all around her, and for days she just cowered in the corner-hardly noticing anyone walking by. Only on Tuesday, did she finally stand up in her kennel. A volunteer writes:

"I feel horrible for Shady. This was the first day I saw her up and walking around. She's so beautiful. Very mellow. Never utters a bark. Her neighbor is a crazy barker, and she acts scared. Sad!"

Click here for Shady's PetHarbor listing.

Volunteers and rescue people have been working diligently to find Shady a safe place, but the shelter's rules of not permitting the dogs to be walked by volunteers make it extremely difficult to even judge a dog's disposition, no less figure out if she likes children, other dogs or even cats. Follow Shady's Facebook page where nearly 1,000 animal lovers have shared her desperate plight.

For more information about this animal, call: San Bernardino City Animal Control at (909) 384-1304.
Ask for information about animal ID # A467449.

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