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I love you is not merely spelled out in just letters

bad stereotype
bad stereotype

Amidst the erratic world of new born relationships, to couples who find themselves in love, communication is more then just letters, spelled out into statements of affection and appreciation. Men and women, although created equal, have many mental differences that meet with friction when entangled in romantic interest. This friction is inevitable; however it does not have to start a fire.

It has been proven that male and female brains possess many differences. In this situation specifically, they contrast greatly in dealing with personality and personal wants/needs. Once you understand this, it will be much easier to understand and appreciate your significant other. Above all else, it will be easier for you to communicate with each other and strengthen your relationship.

When taking a closer look at the distinguishing attributes of each brain, there are a few noteworthy mentions which show reasons why communication can often be difficult between couples. The Limbic system of the brain controls things like emotion, memory, and behavior. In the female brain, this area is enlarged, which explains the mystery of why women are seemingly more emotional. It also controls a womans ability to be in touch with her feelings, making her better at self expression.

While men are typically less emotional and less attached, the male brain tends to complete thoughts and tasks with the left side; the logical/rational portion. So then, it can be said that women follow their hearts while men predominately follow logic, which could easily explain difficulty in areas such as commitment, understanding, problem solving, and most of all, communication. Learn more at:

Therefore women, when your guy finds it hard to express his feelings, and you think it `s because he clearly doesn’t care, take a second and give him the benefit of the doubt. Remember, that is where you two are different. And men, when you think your lady is over reacting and you can’t seem to understand what seems like a burst of emotion, remember and consider her heart. You both might just find that what seem like unpleasant differences can sometimes be quite complementary; just like puzzle pieces.



  • shelly 5 years ago

    `I also find that guys in general have a hard time communicating when it comes to their wife or girlfriend. Actually, it is true, there is a big difference between the male and female brain. Having studied some medical, I think Megan has nailed this article.

    Nice Work

  • Dianna 5 years ago

    Wow! Megan sounds much older and like she has been married a long time. Great job - hopefully more guys will read this article & understand us better too. Great Job!

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