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I Love Professional Wrestling!

Pittsburgh, PA
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If I had a dollar for every time someone told me “Wrestling is fake”, I would already have my beach house and Bar/T-Shirt shop on the pier next to it! For some reason, this is the first thing people say when they hear me talking about it or they see me in a wrestling t-shirt. Lately my comeback line for this is “Oh, so you think Ironman is real?” and it usually shuts them up. What irritates me about people telling me this they are the same ones that probably watch some kind of “reality show” when they go home (#WhyTheyHateUs). They must not know that the reality shows about their farmer or house flipper has a producer and a script. They must know the movies they watch are not real and are scripted (even the ones ‘based on a true story’ may only have maybe 10% truth like Braveheart..seriously, he never attacked York!).

Professional wrestling uses psychology, comedy and competition between two larger than life characters. Sometimes it is good vs evil, and sometimes it is ridiculous and over the top. It has your underdogs getting the big win or the evil corporation stomping them back down and remaining on top. It works every element and emotion to make a good story. These guys are accomplished athletes and have shown it in other professional & college sports or just having years in the business. To put on a great wrestling match takes an above average athlete (unless you want someone to show up in sweatpants and fall through a table).

There is nothing like going to a Pro Wrestling event and sitting in the middle of a amped up crowd. The energy beats out the most rocking of rock concert, 80,000 people college football game, and any type of soccer or baseball atmosphere. The best wrestling shows have the best crowd reaction, and it will suck you in and make you be a part of the 15 minute wave going around the arena (I don’t believe in a lot of things in life, but I do believe in doing the wave). In a hot crowd, I found myself rooting against a wrestler that I grown to love, and could only describe it afterwards as “peer pressure from 18,000 maniacs”.

There is nothing in the world like professional wrestling. People are quick to say “I like the UFC because its real”, but mixed martial arts is nothing close to professional wrestling. I was a huge MMA fan but I grew bored of watching the two fighters circle each other and be afraid to throw a punch (my favorite was Forrest Griffin, he stood and fought and unfortunately lost a lot). You don’t have to worry about paying 60 dollars to watch a 40 second MMA fight or a 15 minute snore-fest when you have your pay per views included in the new WWE Network where they are included for $10.00 a month(there’s my plug). Boxing is even worse than a snore-fest and other full contact sports are shown at random times of the night on ESPN 8 (the ocho)!

The “male soap-opera” is one of my favorite things in the world. I attend every live show that I can get to, I try to buy all the DVD’s of my favorite wrestlers and matches, and I buy the newest wrestling video games so I can create my own matches. I don’t want them to hit each other as hard as they can because I want to see something awesome for more than 10 seconds. I want to follow along with the story they are creating in the ring and in their promos. I want to read about who might come back, or who the new guys are they are working their way to the main roster. I LOVE PROFSSIONAL WRESTLING! It is so much more than just “fake”.

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