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I LOVE Courtney Love!

Courtney Love was just reported saying "I Never Wore Doc Martens". By Vanity Fair, no less. Which is one of my favorite magazines and so aptly named.

I was in college during grunge, my absolute favorite period of music, fashion, everything. During my poor college years, I had ripped out an article of a magazine where Courtney Love said she used Wet'N'Wild nail polish because it just "worked" and showed it to my friends who made fun of me for not buying O.P.I. which I wanted to, but couldn't afford (pre huge limits on credit cards). And she was right - Wet'N'Wild just stuck on your nails and I didn't look quite so poor.

I never could afford Doc Martens so I went to Payless Shoe Source, which had a good knock off and the Army Navy Store, which had the inspiration. They weren't perfect so I made them passable by spray-painting the soles (repeatedly) and painting the stitching color. Everyone thought I was cool. I was just poor.

And today I was vindicated. My grunge hero never wore those damn expensive boots I could never afford.

I am. Doll Parts. I know people bash this woman but I really like her. I always have.

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