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I lost my career of 35 years, now what?

I lost my career of 35 years as a over-the-road truck driver, due to severe health issues. I spent the majority of those years away from home. Now I have the new title of stay at home dad. No job! no prospects for one on the horizon. Before you think this is one of those articles about how I turned it around and everything is hunky-dorie; this is reality, not some fluff about success. This also is not about giving up.

The trouble with changing careers late in life is the uncertainty of a future. I still have house and car payments as well as food, clothing; etc. On top of everything else, there are expensive health care bills. So I turn to the only other thing I know - writing. I have never been real good at it, but I enjoy it. I don't know if I can survive on the income of a freelancer.

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