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I'll flip you for it: Flip night at Burrito Loco

Gambling is fun. This is a simple fact of life. The excitement we feel playing a game of chance is nearly universal. What's more; drinking and gambling go hand-in-hand. Every drinking game we've ever played and loved is a form of gambling. When Burrito Loco took the step a while back to combine two of humanities great vices by introducing "flip for it," something beautiful was born.

The premise is as simple as it is alluring. Order any drink, without restriction, and your bartender will flip a coin. You call it, its free. Get it wrong, and you pay. A thirsty student riding a hot streak can have a hell of a night for $10 or less (tipping, win or lose, is optional, but bar-etiquette applies). Go cold and the worst that can happen is you pay for drinks.

Another massive upside to Loco's "flip" special is timing. Sunday and Monday are perfect days for this special. Not only are these traditionally slow nights in the college bar scene, but they just so happen to be NFL game days. Football, booze, and gambling? Sign me up. In addition, as if we needed more, these specials run long. Sundays 4pm-close and Mondays 9pm-close. None of the one or two hour stuff.

Whether you're ordering the cheapest beer or the most elaborate shot, the stakes may not be particularly high. The anticipation of the flip, nonetheless, is nothing short of exhilarating. Give it a try if you don't believe me. Nothing tastes so sweet as the drink you didn't pay for, after all.