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I'll drink to that: Start sipping through a reusable straw this Earth Day

Straw Envy straws are made of durable, BPA-free plastic and might revolutionize the way you sip, not only on Earth Day but every day
Straw Envy

Every day more than 500 million plastic straws are tossed in the garbage. Just think about that for a minute.

Those stats come from a company called Straw Envy, which is urging everyone in Hartford to "sip in style" this Earth Day.

They've debuted their reusable straw collection, boasting a range of colors and "sparkling settings", according to their marketing pro. She also tells the Examiner that,

These reusable straws and their fabric carrying cases allow you to combine fashion and function by accessorizing your drinks while being kind to the earth.

Featuring a variety of colors and embellishments to appeal to both men and women, Straw Envy’s three reusable straw designs include:

Green/Purple with crystal

Pink/Hot Pink with crystal

Black/Silver with stainless steel cuff

Whether your dentist is urging you to sip from a straw to protect your teeth or you're trying to kick smoking and are dealing with an oral fixation, switching to a reusable straw makes sense. You'll make your dentist happy and promote good health, while also protecting the environment.

Created with BPA-free plastics, Straw Envy drinking straws are durable, FDA-approved designs safe for both that hot coffee and your cool glass of lemonade. Straws come in different designs and are also available in “To Go” packs.

This is just a twenty-nine-dollar investment in helping protect the earth.

Obviously, forgoing a straw altogether makes the most environmental sense, but if you want to sip through one, sip responsibly.

Happy Earth Day.

Visit for your straws. They also sell special straw cleaning brushes.

For information on curbside recycling of other plastics (unfortunately, straws are not usually accepted), and you live in the West Hartford area, please click here.

If you live in the Hartford area, here's the link for curbside recycling. Do contact these organizations and inquire about recycling options for all items in question.

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