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I'll bet you've been wondering

Now I admit that I tend to be one who does see the world quite differently than the vast majority of those around me, but for me, one thing is quite clear.

Aliens will not becoming soon!

Beyond that, nothing seems to be guaranteed.

So, how do I equate the non-arrival of extra-terrestrials to rock and roll music you ask? Well even if you don't I'm going to answer it since it's my article and I can write what I want. And so as I have ranted or perhaps negatively raved, music, or at least what they call music today, has reached a point where I'm quite certain no one with any advanced intelligence would be able to understand the attraction. I am left to wonder if people now believe music is simply sex with a soundtrack or if there is still heart and soul in anything being produced for the sake of money. Yes, I know that music has always been the underlying theme for most every generation. If you look back at the prior century, each era was ushered in by some sort of music. There was ragtime during the first 20+ years. Then came swing. That was followed by Big Bands. And that evolved into rock and roll which eventually moved to just rock and finally pushed to disco, new wave, techno pop and the current rage, garbage.

I know I'm always quite cynical but can you imagine how people who have no understanding of this world perceive our behavior given the odd assortment of eclectic concepts that currently control everything. Well, trust me, the first thing they are being fed from us is of course our radio signals. I really can't imagine any advanced being, as they surely would be to be able to find us while we can't find them, would hardly be impressed by what we embrace as entertainment and music. And so tell me, if you were on a planet where you really didn't need the likes of Beyonce or Lady Gaga, would you have even the slightest interest in what they purportedly do in the name of money?

I leave it up to you.

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