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I Like Your Style

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET

I Like Your Style!

While watching the BET Awards last night, I was wondering who styled some of the artist. I found it hard to believe what I was seeing. Yes, I know we should be creative when attending an "Awards Show" and of course we want original style and freedom of expression. But, I must say it was not my favorite, being a visionaire I want to see beautiful things and seeing new creations.

I was expecting the show to be all about the individual style and energy of the performers and presenters. Can I say "I like your style" and really mean it, hmm. I was happy to see the ladies step it up on the Red Carpet.

Even when we are pushing the envelope, there should be a sense of elegance, flair, and intelligence. Some of my favorite celebs went a little wild and that's okay. I am the first to say try something new and I don't want any designer to hold back. I'm constantly saying be bold and never be afraid to cross the line. We have an opportunity to make culture changes at these events and just because you want to be different, you don't have to stop being cool.

Well, I will just have to wait for the next "award show" to see what the latest fashion will be. If I may suggest, designers never be the same and absolutely be great intentionally...

And always stand for something...then I can say "I like your style".

Francine Humphrey, Marcine Designs

Virginia Beach Fashion Writer

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