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I "know" that some sports reporters used cocaine

What Would Happen If One Applied Wild Speculation To Those That Speculate About Hall Of Fame Eligible Players?
What Would Happen If One Applied Wild Speculation To Those That Speculate About Hall Of Fame Eligible Players?
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I know that some sports reporters used cocaine and violated federal drug laws. I cannot prove it, but I also cannot prove that they did not use cocaine, as too much time has passed and unlike Major League Baseball, there is no drug testing of BBWAA members

The background of sportswriters places them in direct contact with illegal drug use. The late 70’s, 80’s and part of the 90’s were the decades of the “cocaine era” in society. A large percentage of college students regularly used and still use illicit drugs, from adderall to cocaine to marijuana, and sportswriters are all college graduates. As a matter of fact, a higher percentage of sportswriters went to college than baseball players, so the odds that scribes used illicit substances are probably higher than those of the players that they cover.

I wonder how many sportswriters also abused adderall during their college careers. Did they care that their use of illegal “academic PED’s” was affecting the ultimate statistic – the grades of millions of fellow honest students? How many “better” jobs and higher pay were results of pharmacological deception?

I can make an additional simple circumstantial case that they are familiar and/or comfortable with cocaine use. Is their reluctance to cast aspersions on the candidacies of admitted cocaine users like Paul Molitor, Tim Raines or Dave Parker due to the fact that sportswriters witnessed usage among their friends and peers (and themselves) and are therefore more prone to accept it as “normal”?

And remember that cocaine is also viewed as more dangerous than anabolic steroids, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency. It is classified as a Schedule II drug (as is adderall), while steroids are classified as Schedule III drugs due to the greater chance of abuse and the “severe psychological or physical dependence” that can result from cocaine usage. And cocaine overdoses kill approximately 6,000 people per year, while deaths from steroids number in the single digits. – 3!

Before they vote on a serious issue like Hall of Fame inductions, we should probably check their medical files and employee assistance records to make sure that the voters are clean. We don’t want any drug users inducting drug users into the Hall of Fame! Think of the children!

After all, these “courts of public opinion” voters tell us that they are making a moral decision on our behalf when they withhold their Hall of Fame votes for illegal PED users or even players from the “steroid era” with no known connection to steroids or HgH. Before I allow them to act as judge on my behalf, I’d like to know if they are equally moral in their conduct. Since most of them wanted to illegally leak the list of players from the Quest/CDT Laboratories raid, they won’t mind if their places of business release their personnel files and medical records. The hell with the Fourth Amendment, HIPAA and the efficacy of EAP programs that help save thousands of people’s careers and lives. Let’s have reporters disclose everything, as more information is always better. And if they object, I’d like to know what dark secret that they are hiding!

Whatever is done regarding the Hall of Fame vote and this wave of character assassination, let’s be consistent. Shred the reporters’ reputation in a similar fashion to the players or make a fact based decision that is not slanderous per se.


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