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I just lost my job today

I've got the flu, and despite a note from my doctor requesting I be put on sick leave until next Wednesday, my employer turned down the request, saying that since I had been granted sick leave before, I wasn't eligible. So I have one paycheck coming today, April 4, for a net of less than $400, plus one paycheck next week for a net of less than $20, and that's it for income in April without another job real. real soon--which probably won't happen. Here I am, a 67-year-old college graduate in Indiana stymied, once again frustrated by the exigencies of both sickness and the lousy Indiana job market. Yes, yet another college graduate victim of Brain Drain Indiana, which has no use for college graduates, and where the only jobs available (if I'd even be hired for one at this point) are part-time retail and cashier jobs for minimum wage, or else physically demanding warehouse labor at usually $9.00/hour or less. I had been lucky at the job I just lost, I was making $11.50/hour, but a break-in and theft of my computer plus $2,000 I needed to put into my car, having to replace battery, all four tires and the catalytic converter, depleted completely any savings I'd had. So once again I'm stymied in this Midwestern hellhole, yet another victim of Indiana, another victim of smug, complacent, job-hemorrhaging, low-education Hoosierdom.