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I have seen the enemy and he is among us Comments from the anonymous volunteer. Sorry the site does not link.

The climate among rescue groups is at its lowest in the greater Montreal area. Every rescue competes against others for the donations to pay obscene vet bills.

Since the closing of Operation Felix shelter, there seems to have no leadership in rescues and every girl is doing what she can with the informations she has. That is not enough and cats suffer. Many froze to death last winter.

Because not only many cats died during our harsh winter but animal control ganging up with big organizations to seize more animals to establish an iron hand on dispersed groups. I know it is a despicable tactic but AC did not invent it. It came from partnering with American big organizations, one of which had so much money that it invested $21 millions in Barbados last year.

The only way to counter that will be to have a Court decision showing the new Quebec government and the media for what they are: despicable agencies that kill young and healthy companion animals. That is exactly what they want to do by asking me to surrender the shelter’s cats. Half of them will be killed the minute I sign the papers. These agencies know they made a huge mistake in illegally seizing our cats and want the whole thing to go away quietly. If you remember, on the morning of that event, no media was on the scene. Only one was there because I personally called the editor and he sent a photographer.

If you have a chance to crosspost this information to various media it might put some pressure on the new government to investigate previous seizures of dogs that just disappeared after the owners were forced to sign a release form and our own illegal removal of our cats. They were good healthy dogs like ours were good and healthy cats but the agencies stealing animals in Qc try to make the media believe they were in bad conditions in order to justify their actions.

Short of a few weeks to the hearing, the lawyer decided she did not want to represent me and the cats and she is withdrawing from the case. I do not believe for one minute the reason she gave me. Mostly, she does not know what to do with the case. Same thing with most lawyer s in this province. Hiring another lawyer will be quite expensive since we have to start all over again.

The cats have been in that garage for 6 months now and from what I was told, they were better off at the shelter than in that garage like the dogs seized in 2011 as told by an anonymous volunteer.

Last week I made an ultimate appeal to the shelter’s benefactors to raise a little bit of money to prepare the case. The response was not overwhelming though I thank those who took the time to crosspost.

If you think you can help, please go to Operation Felix Facebook page to find out how. Quebec need to band together to find solutions and most of all protect companion animals that are strays or abandoned pets. Thank you. We are sending out high vibrations of gratitude on the cats’ behalf to thank you for your generosity to help our project Operation Felix to survive and help some more cats in the future. They will be forever grateful.

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