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I Have No Tears for Me new Gospel EP, from Muslim faith to Christianity

Behind good music there is always a good story, especially when it comes to Gospel music.

“God has a way of quietly whispering things into our hearts to give us the answers that we seek, even when we don’t know we’re seeking them.” ~Kareemah El-Amin
Johntori Photography.
Kareemah El-Amin, "I Have No Tears For Me" CD cover.
Kareemah El-Amin Ministries

The I Have No Tears for Me Gospel EP written and performed by Kareemah El-Amin, offers soulful R&B music testifying about her Christian faith. The CD entails a total of 4 inspirational selections.

What makes this particular Gospel EP so interesting is the newfound devotion El-Amin so movingly vocalizes through an arrangement of hand-clapping praise and worship ballads as a former Muslim.

El-Amin describes herself as a “converted Muslim singing for Christ.” Having been raised on a set of beliefs and traditions that did not fully align with the Christian faith, El-Amin admits that her conversion was not an overnight process.

“God has a way of quietly whispering things into our hearts to give us the answers that we seek, even when we don’t know we’re seeking them.” El-Amin said.

The I Have No Tears for Me compilation tells a poetic story of being lost in a cluster of confusion and finding clarity and direction through Christ.

The end result is a powerful Gospel project compiled by Grammy Award winning Engineer, Dave Carlock (Carlock earned his Grammy from pop artist Pink’s 3rd CD,) Stellar Award-winning composer Matthew Brownie, and Billboard songwriter and Christian artist Carmen Calhoun. With this dynamic collaboration, El-Amin recorded songs like Walking in Heaven, a track that delivers an upbeat and feel-good praise song that can easily be incorporated into any Sunday morning worship service. The titled song, I Have No Tears for Me, in addition to His Grace is a melodic testimony of her spiritual debate and the journey of her new found Christian faith. Perhaps the most tender song of them all is Adonai, a sweet consuming lullaby of worship and devotion between a beloved daughter toward her loving father. And if for some reason, you were confused about Kareemah El-Amin’s story, she concludes the CD with a musical sermonette written by Reverend Brian Bennett of Overflow Church in Benton Harbor, MI over a track of her silvery vocals.

Almost everyone has a story to tell. El-Amin not only uses her talent as a singer/songwriter, but also as a published writer. El-Amin authors the book The Seven by Four Breakthrough Anointing: Mountain Moving Faith, a teaching tool to supplement her ministry.

I Have No Tears for Me EP will be available March 14th on Amazon, Itunes, and CD Baby. The actual CD can be purchased through Kareemah El Amin’s official website here.

Listen to Kareemah El Amin’s testimony of how she converted from the Muslim faith to Christianity here.

To learn about Kareemah El Amin Ministries, click here.

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