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I have let you down: Tiger Woods says to family, friends and fans!


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Tiger Woods  finally broke his silence today following the scandal that has plagued golf's biggest star.  Woods emerged from a rehabilitation facility in Mississippi where he was undergoing treatment for sex addiction.  His treatment is ongoing and he has plans to return.

Woods said he has a lot to "atone for" as he apologized to family and friends and hand-picked media gathered  at TPC Sawgrass Clubhouse.  His statement was also broadcast live online via YouTube's Citizen channel. 

He explained that he was in inpatient therapy receiving guidance for the issues he is facing.  He accepted responsibility for his actions and acknowledged that he brought this shame on himself.  

"I am deeply sorry for my selfish behavior," Woods stated.  "I have let you down."  

Woods mentioned that his image as a role model for the countless kids that look up to him was tarnished but he vowed to lead a life of integrity, never to make the same mistakes again.  He plans to return to golf and to reestablish his image by focusing on his family, his spiritual beliefs and other substantive things that matter.   His wife, Elin was noticeably absent from today's press conference.   Rumors abound regarding whether she will leave her husband.   He asked that the media and paparazzi leave his wife and children alone. Woods stated during the conference that many people have written false information regarding the status of his marriage.  

Research has shown that 18% of women and 24% of men have cheated on their spouse. However 90% of the Americans view extramarital sex as intolerable. Not all couples, however, end their relationship after an infidelity surfaces.   Many have healed their relationships and have continued to flourish as a couple. 

Atlanta based licensed professional counselor, Karen Landry said, "If this family chooses to move forward then the first step is forgiveness.  Forgiveness should not be confused with accepting his behavior.  As a family, they must address the alleged sexual addiction, the infidelity and the affairs because there has to be accountability," she said.    

During the press conference as Woods stated that his wife Elin pointed out to him that his behavior over time will prove whether he is deeply sorry for his actions.  He admitted that it will take time for her to trust him again

"Trust has to be established again and trust is done by way of action.  To move forward forgiveness is required," Landry concluded.  

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