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I have Influenza Type A


Alexcia leaving the ER with diagnosis of Influenza type A

I am sure everybody is tired of hearing about the Swine flu. I was too until Friday. It all started out with a sore throat. Nothing major, at least I thought so. Then came the congestion, runny nose, body ache and fever on Saturday. After a day of chicken noodle soup, plenty of fluids and a mess full of medication nothing was getting better at all. Now its Sunday...and the fever has reached 102.7, cold chills and what feels like hot flashes (just guessing here..haven't reached that part of life just yet). By now I am beyond scared. After a 5 hour ER visit which included me getting an IV, my throat and nose swabbed,  the doctor tells me that I have Influenza Type A.

Influenza Type A is the strand of the flu virus that causes the Swine Flu or H1N1. This strand of the flu is the most common and the most dangerous. With that I have 7 days of no contact with anyone and get to walk around with a mask on if I need to go places.

So here are a few tips that the doctor gave me so this here virus doesn't spread and infect more people:

Wash your hands: after sneezing and or coughing. If by chance you can't get out of bed every 2 seconds and you are not going to live in your bathroom for 7 days you can use hand sanitizer.

Keep to yourself: do not have any contact with anyone until the fever breaks and goes back to this is going to be long.

Throw away the tissue: put the snot rags in the garbage. Tissue should only be used once!!

Influenza in the older population can cause more serious problems. For example if an elderly man has COPD and develops influenza, it could make his shortness of breath much worse because it affects your respiratory system. This is why many older Americans are advised to get vaccinated every year. In fact the CDC states that about 90% of the deaths caused by the flu are from people 65 and older.

If you feel that you are coming down with a cold, be very cautious and protect those around you. It might cost you 7 days of seclusion, but it also might save a life!