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I have a spirit guide do you?

Lets take a look and open the door in learning about our spirit guides and spirit teachers who are with you, what do they look like, what do they do with us, why are they in our lives? What does it mean to a medium to have spirit guides to work with?

In your lifetime you will have many guides and teachers in spirit who will be working with you, Your Guardian Angel and Gatekeeper are the only ones with you from birth, until you make your transition home. All of your other spirit guides and teachers come and work with you, as you are experiencing different levels and experiences of education, which there are wide ranges that you have chosen to go through in this physical incarnation on Mother Earth.

Spirit guides influence many areas of our lives, personally, professionally and spiritually. Whatever influence the spirit is familiar with or comfortable with, from one of their own incarnations on earth, will be the area of proficiency in which the influence will be felt the most when they work with us.

The same is true with spirits in general; as in our loved ones who have transitioned home, because they all hold on to their personal uniqueness when they make their transition into spirit. If they were shy, loving, scientific, creatively gifted, loud, giving, or hotheaded, they are that same way in spirit. This is not to say that they have not changed and grown, just that, this is what we remember our loved ones being like, when they were here on Earth with us. This then, is a recognizable personal uniqueness of themselves to us that we can associate with, when they want to give us a message or let us know when they are around.

Spirit guides and teachers with similar characteristics are drawn to us; frequently they will share the same interest, having similar personality traits, and may have worked in the same profession as we are right now. This is also true for ones in spirits who are not our guides or teachers, but see the similarity of light we share with them and they stop by, so to say and visit with us. I once had a missionary who appeared beside me which was wonderfully comforting as at that moment in time, I was working on a mission with abused women and children. The similarities of what we both love to do became apparent to this individual in spirit (by recognizing and being drawn to my light) and he just wanted to stop in and say hello to see what I was working on. Somewhere within this coming together, there are going to be similarities that you will find between the two of you.

You will find Doctor Guides, working with those who work within the healing professions, spiritual healers, doctors, especially nurses, Reiki masters. The master teacher seems to come in around highly religious people or the missionary who fights for a worthy cause. We attract to us that which is similar. Some believe they need only seek the ascended masters in all they do, and there is nothing wrong with this. But, I also know that we have made contracts with so many guides and teachers, from the spiritual realms for our incarnation this lifetime, to work with us in our spiritual journey. It would be a shame not to acknowledge and seek their counsel also. For they have their specific work to do with us in our learning/educational path.

The following is descriptions and guidance associated with working with our guides, teachers and angels, that is meant to be an educational means to work from and not intended to be absolute. The use of titles is for identification purpose only. And by no means is it in any way, descriptions of all of the guides, teachers and angels in spirit who work with us and lend a helping hand. When you visit or accept a message from a medium or directly from Spirit, these are the most common names that will be associated and then will be described to you in the deliverance of your message. So please, use the following information as a guideline to decide between the influences you experience and the area of guidance you receive, as you decide to work with or understand your messages, signs, symbols and gifts from one or more in spirit.

Please take what resonates with you in all things!!!

The more we work to get to know our guides and teachers, the more you will recognize their energy, we have some guides and teachers that will be with us for a long period of time and some that will not. You have had and will have many guides and teachers in this physical lifetime here on Mother Earth as you travel on your spiritual journey.
It is not the most important thing to have names from your guides, teachers and angels as long as you recognize them, work with them and ask for their assistance and guidance in all that you need. They are just waiting to have you acknowledge them and they lovingly send their support willingly.


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright©2012 Adele Marie- Angelic Wise Ones

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