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I hate Valentine's Day

This your Valentine's Day guide for single women to spend the day enjoying this fictitious holiday celebrating and pampering yourself! Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a downer for all of the wonderful single women out there. Let's show these couples how to do it right!

Carissa Lynn's Valentine's Day guide manicure ideas.
Carissa Lynn's Valentine's Day guide manicure ideas.
Carissa Lynn

First, get everything you need ready to fully relax and have your fun evening!

Second, celebrate how fabulous you are all night long!

  • Put a hot oil treatment or deep conditioning treatment on your hair.
  • Put a mask on your face and give your skin some tlc.
  • Take a long hot bath with essential oils / salts.
  • Your evening must consist of a manicure! Check out some Valentine's Day inspired nail ideas in the slideshow!
  • Pop some popcorn, eat some chips, savor some chocolates... Whatever you do be sure to have plenty of your favorite snacks within reach.
  • Don't forget your favorite beverage(s) too! Wine, beer, brandy, tea, cider, hot cocoa, sparking water, whatever your heart desires.
  • Post up on the couch with your favorite book or chick flick.
  • Movies the examiner suggests: My Bloody Valentine because the main character is such a sweet treat to stare at, or I Hate Valentine's Day for a lot of humor with a little love on the side.

Enjoy your private time tending to yourself because you are worth loving and celebrating!

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