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I Had An Epiphany! Local Shop Offering Solutions For Those Searching

As I sat down one morning last week, I had realized I had not written anything on my site for some time. Then I remembered a wonderful new Tarot/Spirituality shop I visited last month and decided I wanted to know more about the owner and what she was offering the Metaphysical community in Rochester.
I sat down with Gloria Thayer in her colorfully decorated store, making chit chat as I noticed her carefully displayed products; an extensive collection of Tarot cards (over a hundred different Tarot and Oracle decks!), scarves, incense, books, jewelry, oils and assorted spiritual knick knacks.
At the counter, her 20 something daughter, Silver, was working hard on the computer, updating mailing lists, addresses and correspondence with clients. "Epiphanies" has been at its current location on East Ridge Road for a little over 5 months now and is gaining a small but loyal following. For Gloria, living a more spiritual life began 20 years ago when a friend of hers took her to see a psychic for a tarot reading. She was so intrigued by what she was told she went out the next day, bought a deck of Tarot cards with an instructional book and thus began her journey into the metaphysical. She has found "there is always another way to learn and grow with it (The Tarot), and it fascinates me because it is such a useful tool in life mapping". She went on to explain how the Tarot has helped her open up intuitively which has complimented all areas of her life. For her, even though her love for Tarot is her foundation, she feels it has been a wonderful starting off point to learn about living a more spiritual life, helping improve her personal and professional endeavors.
One thing I found to be at the heart of her desire to serve the metaphysical community was her need to share her extensive knowledge with others, helping them to empower their lives and learn to trust their own intuition, something she learned to do herself so many years ago. "One thing I do when I give someone a reading is I empower them. When I do a reading, I am only the tool; the facilitator to help them choose their own life paths and to hopefully, improve their lives. I'm not going to tell them when they are going to get married, but I will tell them how they can prepare themselves to put that energy out to find a wonderful partner if that is what they are seeking." "They are in control" says Thayer, "and it is up to them to be open enough to accept the advise and guidance I give to them to improve their lives."
As we chatted a bit about the differences between mainstream religion and spirituality, Silver, the quiet young lady still working at the computer finally spoke and shared her knowledge of the historical aspects of organized religion and how most of the major religions we have today have foundations and ideas from many different pagan and wiccan belief systems. She spoke of how prayer can be a very powerful tool, however, many religions teach the followers to pray to God and wait for something to happen, but sometimes forget the important aspects of accepting responsibility and putting forth the effort of making your desires and prayers become reality. As Silver spoke, I got the impression that this young lady has a wealth of knowledge about spirituality that many of us could benefit from. Looks like the apple doesn't fall so far from the tree......
Along with the Tarot readings and assorted spiritual products, Gloria also offers some wonderful classes. On Tuesdays she has "Tarot Explorations". An ongoing class that teaches the student how to use the Tarot; different decks, card spreads, etc., as well as intuitively using the deck without leafing thru a book to find the meaning for every card. Her classes also offer hands on work, allowing the student to use their gifts in "real life" with others, giving them more confidence and experience.
Every Monday night, for only $5.00, she holds a "Divination Practice Night" for those wanting to practice their divination skills with others. She offers a relaxed atmosphere and promises good times and laughter as well as learning and practicing.
She has an upcoming “Self Empowerment” series in January. This will be an intensive six week program designed to give a six pack of power tools to help you live a more positive and empowered life.
For more information, I suggest you follow her on Facebook (Epiphanies215), or at their website: You can also find a good deal or two on Their Living Social page (just go to and type in “Epiphanies”).
If you're looking for a spiritual shop with a consciense, then Epiphanies is the place for you. Go in and meet Gloria, Silver an peruse her wonderful selection of spiritual products. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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