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I Got 5 On It

The last Saturday of every month brings a big city boost to the legendary Touch Supper Club. Located at 2710 Lorain Avenue, Touch Supper Club is widely know for its exceptional cuisine, especially with the addition of master chef Jeff Fisher, who has been revolutionizing the restaurant scene in Cleveland for several years.

"I got five on it", overhauls the restaurant once a month, to provide eclectic urban style music  for those weekend warriors who grow tired of the rudimentary pop / club songs. "Cleveland's monthly hip hop extravaganza" is brought to you by DJs Mick Boogie, and Terry Urban. Both DJs began in Cleveland, working and developing the local music scene, only to broaden their fanbase(s) nationally. Mick Boogie was 107.9's (Radio One) favorite program and mix show DJ for years, as Terry Urban conquered the nightclub scene, together forming "The League Crew". "The League Crew" is a network comprised of several Cleveland based DJs ( DJ Steph Floss, Kickdrums ) with tenurial staying power.

Boogie and Urban made their exodus to the Big Apple two years ago, leaving the Cleveland downtown urban-chic nightlife with a void, and Steph Floss the Cavalier DJ responsibilities. So when the last Saturday of each month comes around, the natives get restless for "I got 5 on it".  For the admission of 5 dollars, Boogie and Urban concoct  just the right mix of progression and nostalgia, to have the Black Sheep of the night doing the butt, and asking Biggie for one more chance. The event is a classic occurrence, and each month captures a different energy. Boogie and Urban continue to expand their international club/radio network, simultaneously  bringing the goodies back home for the locals to get hip real quick.




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