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I don't hate Nickelback as much as I used to.....but still wish I did

I really, really DONT like Nickelback.  As a matter of fact I used to routinely engage in a mock version of the song "Photograph" at many local karaoke haunts.  Sadly, I only really knew the lyrics "look at this photograph...."  I filled in the rest with various grunts of gibberish and other phrases about things on "Joey's head."  On one occasion a drunken regular of the classy establishment I was attending actually sought me out afterward to let me know that I had "nailed" the performance.  Funny thing was, he asked me what song I had just done and said he'd never heard it before.  True story....I have eyewitnesses. 

Why Nickelback Why?!!!!

Which brings me to the bigger point of this article.  A while back a comrade of mine introduced me to a YouTube clip that, while probably won't get the Nickelhacks out of the doghouse with me, certainly has prompted a certain (gulp) respect for them in my eyes.  Say it ain't so.  Or should I say "Sad But True?"  Well, that is precisely the song the Canadian radio-friendly pseudo-redneck rockers covered that has forced me to ease my disdain.  Yes, the Metallica classic that I shredded my rear car speakers with in early high school was covered live in concert by a band that makes me cringe....and they totally nailed it.  I dearly wish I hadn't been exposed to their extra chunky cover version of the metal classic, but now I have to exalt my honorability and give them credit where credit is due. 

When this friend told me of the cover version he added that he too severely doubted the impostor who had turned him on to the discovery.  He too admitted that it, in fact, rocks hard.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not rushing out to purchase Chad Kroeger and company's catalog or anything.  Truly I think my frustration lies in the realization that I can never dislike them as I once did before.  It's kind of like the quiet girl that gets loaded at the company Christmas Party and starts dancing on tables....that original pristine image is forever altered in some regard (just the reverse in this instance).  Just on the basis of one "performance".  So Nickelback, every time I punch up your cover of "Sad But True" on YouTube, this is how you remind me that you don't suck as much as I thought.     

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