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I don’t care what they think of me: ‘King in Me’ song played in Super Bowl AI ad

I don’t care what they think of me: ‘King in Me’ song played during Super Bowl American Idol commercial
King in Me

Hearing King in Me (feat. Swoope & Christon Gray) – W.L.A.K played during the Super Bowl made this Christian Music Examiner take notice. I’d first heard the song during my workout sessions and loved the lyrics so much that I had to ask who sang the song.

Turns out Swoope is actually from around these Akron, Ohio, parts, which surprised me even more. The song is slow and hypnotic and an anthem with words like “I don’t care what they think of me…I’m standing here with this King in me…I’m going to become what I’m meant to be.”

It was motivation enough to dust off my iTunes password and get a valid payment method in there and download that sucker this morning.

"The sky is what the limit is, and can't nobody tell me different!" wrote @mrswoope, tagging @christongray and @collisionrecs in an Instagram post celebrating the success.

Indeed, here’s hoping they continue to play the “King in Me” song and let those lyrics inspire them as much as it does this journalist when doing those lunches and stretches during the cool down sessions that I love.

It’s not as fast as the other Christian iTunes Radio fare filled with Lecrae and Tedashi and Flame and others that help fuel my I-don’t-care-if-I’m-rhyming-while-running-on-this-treadmill workouts, but King in Me (feat. Swoope & Christon Gray) is still perfect for those pumping iron reps that help build the kind of Christ confidence that makes us feel like we can conquer the world. Or at least our neighborhoods. Time to jet and sweat…

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