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I do not celebrate Christmas

Christmas--take it or leave it
Christmas--take it or leave it

I do not celebrate Christmas...

as a holy-day.

I do not believe it is required by the Word of God. I do not believe it is a special day above all other Christian days. I do not believe I draw closer to God or become more holy by the activities of this season.

And I certainly do not believe Christ was born on this date!

In classical Protestantism (of the Reformed variety), holy-days are disavowed. There are no days declared by the Word of God as special religious days besides the Day of our Lord's resurrection, Sunday.

In fact, many early Americans did not celebrate Christmas either.

However, I can, and have, celebrated it as a memorial of Christ's incarnation. Or a time to give gifts to friends and family.

In the Old Testament, Purim was celebrated as a mighty act of God's deliverance (Esther 9:26ff.). But it was not put on par with the other religious, holy-days commanded by the Old Testament Law.

In a similar manner, one could call Christmas a civic day of celebration and remembrance of the Incarnation of Christ. At least in the context of a Christian society.

Today we have little Christian society compared with one-hundred years ago. Yet this day can still be useful.

As Rev. Samuel Davies preached to his audience in 1758 on Christmas day:

"To remember and religiously improve the incarnation of our divine Redeemer, to join the concert of angels, and dwell in ecstatic meditation upon their song; this is lawful, this is a seasonable duty every day; and consequently upon this day. And as Jesus improved the feast of dedication, though not of divine institution, as a proper opportunity to exercise his ministry, when crowds of the Jews were gathered from all parts; so I would improve this day for your instruction, since it is the custom of our country to spend it religiously, or idly, or wickedly, as different persons are differently disposed."

Even so, I do not typically make this a point of contention with my fellow Christians who may think otherwise.

Christmas is not special. It is not a holy-day. I am not less sanctified for not celebrating it as such.

And that is why I do not celebrate a holy-day.


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