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I Dare You To Donate!

Crowd funding and independent films go together like peanut butter and chocolate. As I write this, there are no less than a thousand film projects listed on KickStarter alone, all asking for your support in order to be successfully funded. Through such means, fans of the axed TV series Veronica Mars helped launch a feature film, ensuring that their beloved characters could indeed escape the pit of cancellation limbo (are you listening, Joss Whedon?).

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2014 Twisted Illusions

What makes this monumental is that gone are the days of indie filmmakers begging their close friends and family members for funding. If crowd funding had always been a thing, Ed Wood may not have needed to seduce the Baptist Church of Beverly Hills in order to get Plan 9 From Outer Space financed, and Robert Rodriguez might not have subjected his body to medical experiments in Mexico to produce El Mariachi.

Currently, legendary horror pioneer Tim Ritter is utilizing this medium to finance his newest venture, "I Dared You!: Truth or Dare V," which is the latest offering in the highly-successful slasher series involving a copper-masked killer. Tim has been a household name in the horror industry for years, helming such classics as "Killing Spree," "Creep," and "Dirty Cop No Donut." This time, however, Tim isn't alone. Co-directing with him and acting is Scott Tepperman, genre fan and star of Syfy's reality series, Ghost Hunters International. Having acted in such horror titles as "The Hospital" and "Don't Look in the Basement 2," Scott is no stranger to what scares us.

Assembling the cast for such a feature includes such horror icons as B-movie king Joel D. Wynkoop, veteran of over a hundred films. He'll be reprising his role of Dan Hess, who is the series' Ahab to the coppermasked killer's white whale. Also on board is Asbestos Felt, who fans may remember as the madman lead of Ritter's splatter-fest, "Killing Spree." Actor/writer/magician Jim O'Rear is also here. Co-founder of Deviant Pictures, Jim is fresh from working on "Fat Chance" and "The Hospital 2." With talent like this in addition to Ritter and Tepperman, it seems like it will all come together in a 'perfect storm of horror.'

At the time of this writing, there are 29 more days left of the IndieGoGo campaign, with only $1,480 achieved of the $8,500 goal. You may be wondering what sets this movie apart from the others, and why it deserves your money, and the simple answer is, the perks. No one will argue that the best thing about crowd funding are the simple perks that contributors receive. Most crowd funded films promise your name listed as producer credits in the credits, official t-shirts, and sometimes a cameo in the film itself. Sure "Truth or Dare V" has all these (and more), but also differs in that they are giving people who donate only $20 the chance to have a walk-on role in the film with lines of dialogue(!) via a contest. And even if you don't win, you still get a copy of the movie on disc. It's a win-win situation!

Another reason to contribute is that this is a direct sequel to "Truth or Dare?: A Critical Madness," which was not only one of the world's first direct-to-video movies, the acting debut for Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean, and a cult-classic phenomenon, but it was also the very first horror movie Elijah Wood had ever seen, as well as his inspiration to break into film. Donating to get this picture made means that you'll be a part of horror movie history. Most importantly, you'll be helping keep independent cinema alive and well, using today's technology to prove that it can thrive, opening the door for future filmmakers for years to come.

With less than a month left, I double-dog dare you to donate. Let's make this happen!

You can do so at the Truth or Dare V IndieGoGo Page

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