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I'd Love To, But...

Health Yoga Life Yoga Teacher Training
Health Yoga Life Yoga Teacher Training
Health Yoga Life Yoga Teacher Training

So many times I have heard people say this, simple statement I’d love to but…. When I hear this statement I always cringe a little bit, as I feel a pang of sadness when the person runs down the litany of reasons why they can’t do something. I see the “buts” as just a big cover up for the unworthiness the person feels in that moment.

In talking with students about yoga teacher training, many students have a deep desire to take the training and to learn more about themselves. They know intrinsically “it is time” to commit to their self growth but then the “buts” come out and they get stopped in their tracks.

I’d love to but, I don’t have enough money. First of all the I acknowledge that financial limitation is real. However, people often don’t see that there might be a solution. What I have seen time and time again, that once someone felt committed that the training was for them, the money was no longer an issue. They simply found a way to pay for it, either by tweaking something in their lives or through kindness of a love one, etc.

Did you know that Health Yoga Life offers payment plans for the training? We work with you. Also the money you invest in the training will get paid back ten-fold over time. Whether you go out and teach yoga and create extra income that way, or gain more confidence to follow your passions into a vibrant career you love, yoga teacher training can be instrumental in you increasing your bottom line.

I’d love to but, I’m not good enough at yoga. Really? How do you possibly get good at something, only through study and practice. Our yoga teacher training is designed for all levels of students. We have had a student complete our training who had never stepped into a studio prior to taking training. Our teacher training simply works for novices to more advanced students.

I’d love to but, I have a full time job. Most of the students, who have done our training, have had a full time job or other full-time commitment like school or family. Our 8 weekend training was designed with that in mind. We know people are busy, busy. The training weekends are dynamic and inspiring. You get to take the energy of the training into all your pursuits, and also apply the techniques you are learning into your daily life to create more balance.

If I went on to write about all the “buts” this post would be pages long. I invite you to bust through your “buts”, through your perceived limitations, and join Health Yoga Life for teacher training this fall.

Celebrate National Yoga Month on the right foot and on your mat!