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I confess, I am judgmental! Part 3

Peace & Purity
Peace & Purity

I Confess! I am Judgmental!
Part 3

Being a Christian is a spiritual walk designed to be a daily lifestyle. Christianity was first embraced after much persecution. It was at Antioch we were first called the Church. Those that had been scattered came together to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Paul and Barnabas ministered to them the Word of God. Quite often they met in the homes of believers, outside, or in the temple courts. Many others began to believe and they too turned to the Lord! They were a growing, collective diverse culturally mixed group that had faith and belief in Jesus Christ in common. See Acts 11

Today more and more Christians are giving up the Christian Way of living for alternative lifestyles that the world offers and sanctions. This is nothing new, we have been here before! Since no one wants to be called judgmental we don’t necessarily want to “Rock the Boat!” Why? They might not let me sit in the high chairs, or sing in the choir or open doors to greet members and visitors. I just may have to sit in the back or anywhere I can find a seat and just be overlooked if I don’t simply go along. I probably will be labeled too negative and… Why? Because they have judged that I am too judgmental. Or in fact that I am not really a serious Christian. Serious, I most defintely am, but are you not judging when you say that someone else is judgmental? I know I need to just stop being so legalistic and stop reading all the passages in the Word that tells me when we are out of order? Right! But then I will surely have to answer to the Lord for burying my head in the sand like and ostrich. No wonder we have so much chaos! “LORD HELP US!”

As the Church continues to label one another judgmental whenever we stand on the principles of the Word, the world and its ways continues to creep in under the guise of unconditional love. Why? Immorality is no longer a problem because it simply means that you are human. It means I now have a valid excuse to continue using my issues for an excuse because I am human. They become a crutch or a testimonial badge; unless of course I choose to move forward and grow beyond them. After all an occasional pity party is okay because; nobody really loves me anyway? That’s why I get depressed! How so? They don’t accept me how I am. But if I just become part of a group, I can get support for whatever my issue is. There is a plethora of denominations! Surely one of them will accept me, feel sorry for me and empathize with me because they can relate. After all I am not judgmental. After all I really am; a good person and nobody’s perfect anyway. Oops did you know that you just made a judgment!

No wonder in this 21st century a person can be tried in court for taking a life of an unarmed teen; shoot and kill him with a gun that he was not supposed to carrying anyway; and still be found “not guilty!” We have allowed the lines of justice to become blurred by graying what is right and wrong. No wonder they have tried to take prayer out of the schools and everywhere else. (I say tried because no one can really stop you from praying anywhere) Prayer does not have to be spoken out loud. You can practice “praying unceasingly” as the Word teaches us by consciously turning your thoughts to the Lord!

When we continue to allow and accept what God has said is not right we allow sin to reign! Today many are even trying to change marriage which is the first institution that the Lord designed. It is the foundational principle of life! Alternative relationships should be called just that; same sex unions. God does not force His will upon us! He allows us to choose. God never intended for His Church to become just another social club or a mere extension of society that adapts and changes to conform to the demands of the majority! Look around you there is not much difference between the Church and society. Just about any and everything goes on. Many basically want you to make them feel comfortable. God is a Delieverer! Yes He can heal You! With God the impossible becomes Possible! We are even encouraged to dress down to make everyone feel comfortable. Does this make us appear less material or humble? Bear in mind that there are always exceptions to the rule.

Do we not have an obligation to live by the standards God has given us or do we just bend and waiver and waffle right along with society! Better yet we embrace wordly concepts to deal with spiritual matters. Should there be a difference? Do not all of us need correction from time to time? However to confront in love is often perceived as being judgmental. No wonder this generation of young people is so confused!

Yes we are to worship, praise and fellowship! Yes we can have a good time in the Lord! But, we are to depart from worship renewed and refueled to live our lives as believers and witness to the world! Yes we can participate in the world and not embrace every fad or trend. We are to be "in the world but not of the world' Why are we called believers? Are we not supposed to be preparing to meet the Lord any day? Do we believe what is convenient or is because we embrace the Word of God? We as Christians are to learn how to properly judge righteously…

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