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I Ching 201: Hexagram Number Nine Hsiao Khu brings abundance

Hexagram Number Nine in the I Ching is the First One that is Named with Two Chinese Characters. Hsiao Means “Small” and Khu refers to accumulation. This Term is translated by Cary Baynes as “The Taming Power of the Small”, and by Legge as ”Small Restraint”, and Alfred Huang as “Little Accumulation”, which is probably very accurate.


Perhaps we can replace this rather stilted terminology by something less stilted and more Modern and Metaphysical. In this writer’s opinion, Khu should relate to Abundance. Now, since Abundance can never be small, by definition, it would seem more likely that King Wen meant the Beginning of Abundance, which rings truer to the New Age ear.

Orderly sequence of the Gua

Multitudes in Union must begin to store things up, Hence Pi is followed by Hsiao Khu.

Hsiao Ch'u “The Beginning of Abundance” is composed of the Trigram “Gentleness” over “Creative”, thus “Wind” over “Heaven”..


The Beginning of Abundance yields success. There are dense clouds, but no rain coming from our western region.

Remembering that Sun is also Wind, King Wen saw a raincloud off to the West.


Nine at the beginning means: Return to the Way. How could this cause any feelings of Guilt? Abundance is coming.

The indication is to return to the Road, no matter how far we may have been led astray.

Nine in the second place means: The Sage is attracted to the returning. Abundance is arriving.

Here the Sage has prepared to receive that which comes.

Nine in the third place means: The undercarriage of the wagon has been removed, causing the spokes to burst out of the wagon wheels. The husband and wife are thrown from the wagon and cannot look at each other.

Here the passage on the Road has been sabotaged. Note that this Third Yang line faces a Yin line. In Modern Times, we argue, “I thought you filled the tank with gas!”

°Six in the fourth place means: Be sincere and the danger of bloodshed will pass. Fears have been proven groundless. There is no cause for guilt.

Often our fears are illusory.

Nine in the fifth place means: Be sincere, and help will be attracted. It is Time for networking and inventorying resources.

This line is usually considered the ruler of this Hexagram. It indicates a Time for action, perhaps before it is too late!

Nine at the top means: The rain comes, and then stops. Power has been accumulated. Persistence brings the wife into danger, as the Moon is nearly full. If the Sage persists, a Time of lack will come.

Here, it seems, it is Time to stop all action, and coast.

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