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I Ching 201.8: "PI" the hexagram of union

Hexagram Number Eight in the I Ching is called “Pi” (“Union”). As usual, it is the same as Shih, its predecessor, upside-down. Union is the composed of the Abyss over the Receptive. Pi is assigned to the Water Element, and the Fourth Month, about May.

 "PI" the hexagram of union


Shih has the signification of multitudes, and between multitudes there must be some bond of union. Hence it is followed by Pi, which denotes being attached to something.


Union brings good fortune. Do not feel guilty if you wish to inquire of the oracle once again. You are able to possess sublimity, constancy, and persistence. Those who are uncertain gradually join. Whoever comes too late meets with misfortune.

The I Ching is inviting you to ask another question, and, at the same Time, to be prompt and not hesisitant.


On the earth is water: The image of Union. Thus the Monarchs of Antiquity bestowed the different states as fiefs and cultivated friendly relations with the feudal Rulers.


Six at the beginning means: Be sincere, truthful and loyal, without feeling guilty. Let your heart fill, like an earthenware vessel, and be full. Thus in the end Abundance is on the Way.

In other Words, be like the Hexagram Pi, and help will come.

Six in the second place means: Seek inner union. Persistence brings Abundance.

Don’t hold back; continue what you are doing.

Six in the third place means: seeking for union with the wrong people.

It is Time to seek new associates.

Six in the fourth place means: outwardly seeking union. Persistence and correctness attracts Abundance.

Don’t be afraid to seek help.

Nine in the fifth place means: Manifest union. In the hunt the Monarch uses beaters on three sides only, allowing the game that runs off in front to escape. The citizens need no warning. There will be Abundance.

This line is pointing out that receiving also requires letting go. This ancient hunting technique is still used Today.

Six at the top means: One seeks union without having taken the First step. There will be misfortune.

As often happens, the Sixth line is past the general effect. There may, however, be Time to go back and lay the correct groundwork, and start over.

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