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I Ching 201.16: Let Yu bring you joy

Hexagram number Sixteen in the I Ching is “Yu”, which Means “Joy”. It has been variously been translated into English as “Enthusiasm”, Pleasure”, “Satisfaction”, “Readiness”, or “Delight”. As follows the usual rule, it is the upside down version of its predecessor, Khien. Thus, it is composed of Chen (“Awakening”) above Kun (“Receptive”). It is the final Gua of the First Quarter of Sixty-Four.


The Orderly Sequence of the HexagramsWhen great possessions are associated with humility, there is sure to be Joy; and hence Khien is followed by Yu.


JOY. It advances one to assign Nobles, appoint assistants, install helpers, and mobilize the masses.

This Joyous Time indicated by Yu is for organizing your Life. The Energy implied here can be unstoppable, once set in motion.


Thunder emerges resoundingly out of the Earth: The image of JOY. Thus the ancient kings had music composed, in order to honor Virtue and Merit, and offered it with ardent splendor to God, inviting their ancestors to be present.

This is a fascinating Theory about the Origin of Music. Perhaps it really was humans attempting to imitate the sounds of Nature!


Six at the beginning means: Over expression of Joy can bring misfortune.

Be joyous, but don’t be boastful when sharing about it.

Six in the second place means: Be firm and steadfast as a Stone, and not just for Today. Persistence brings Good Fortune.

This is a situation where one’s current actions will shape the Future. That does not Mean, that the success will be effortless.

Six in the third place means: Joy that looks upward instills feelings of Guilt. Hesitation also brings guilt.

Don’t ask for too much! Take the action, but don’t overdo!

Nine in the fourth place means: Be the source of Joy, and you will achieve great things. Do not doubt, suspect or hesitate. Companions gather around you.

This line is said to be the Ruler of the Hexagram. You will receive Abundance; expect to share it.

Six in the fifth place means: Be steadfast and upright. Even if you are chronically afflicted, it will not kill you.

This indicates a bad Time that will pass. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Six at the top means: Joy is an illusion. In spite of this setback, if you are able to change, do not feel guilty.

This indicates a Time to take responsibility for your actions. Don’t look back!

Yu indicates a Time to build Energy.

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