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I Ching 201.11: Tai means "Peace"

Tai, the Name of the Eleventh Hexagram, literally Means “Peace”. In a fascinating cross-cultural parallel, the Rood Means “Completion, exactly like the Hebrew Word “Shalom”. Here, the Trigram “Receptive” is above the “Creative”. Of course, it could be said that Heaven is “within” Earth here, Kun over Chien.



Treading leads to Completion, a state of freedom and repose, and hence Li is followed by Tai.

The Idea is that treading (moving) correctly leads to completion and peace. There is also a hint to follow proper Ritual.


PEACE. The Small departs, The Great arrives. Good fortune. Success.

The implication is that Heaven is moving Up, and Earth is moving Down. This Means that all is in the Process of returning to the proper place.


Heaven and earth unite: the image of PEACE. Thus the Monarch divides and completes the course of Heaven and Earth, and so aids the People.

There is a Mount Tai on the East coast of China, which has been a Sacred Place for Thousands of Years. It is viewed as a Place where Heaven and Earth meet, hence the Spiritual Realm meets the Physical. In the previous Hexagram,Li, we were told to distinguish Heaven and Earth; here we must merge them.


Nine at the beginning means: Pull up a reed, and the soil comes with it. This action pulls up other reeds, each according to his kind. Undertakings bring good fortune.

In the West, we say, “leave no stone unturned”. King Wen here is saying, that it is Time to be thorough.

Nine in the second place means: Embrace the Great River. Fight the Tiger with bare hands, and ford the River on foot. Be in contact with what seems to be distant. Do not rely on others, walking the Middle Path alone.

This indicates a time to pursue a goal, and not to hold back. Keep in Mind, that God is within you and not separate. This line is said to be the Ruler.

Nine in the third place means: The plain is followed by a slope. The peace
may thus be disturbed. There is a return to the Past. Although surrounded
by danger, persevere without feeling guilt, and enjoy what has already been accomplished.

Here peace has been disturbed. Back up a little, be careful, and inventory your successes.

Six in the fourth place means: Flutter down, do not boast of wealth; call
together the neighbors; they will arrive and will be sincere.

Be humble, in other Words, and do not be afraid to ask for help. It will be given!

Six in the fifth place means: The Monarch gave his younger sister away in marriage. This brought happiness and supreme good fortune.

This is based on the Legend of King Yi, who, in Ancient Times, achieved peace by this Method. This indicates a Time to seek inventive resolutions.

Six at the top means: The city wall fell back into the moat. It is not Time to use the Army. Make commands known only within the town. Perseverance brings regret.

As in line Three, the Message here is to reorganize and be conservative.

An overall feeling of what Tai is all about can be enhanced by studying the Geomantic Figure Caput Draconis, the Dragon Head. The First Four Lines of Tai correspond to Caput Draconis, topped by the Bigram for Fire.

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