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I Ching 101.9: Reviewing the first four Gua

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Let’s discuss the First Four Hexagrams (“Gua”) all together, shall we? There is an amazing relationship between the Hexagrams of this group. Its members, to review, are: Chien (“Creative”), Kun (“Receptive”), Chun (“Beginnings”), and Meng (“Childhood”).

Although King Wen called the First Two Gua “Creative” and “Receptive”, it is clear that they refer to “Heaven”, i.e., the Spiritual World, and “Earth”, the Material World. However, the “Orderly Sequence of the Gua”, written by Confucius or one of his disciples, makes it clear.

Heaven and Earth were created, and then the Ten Thousand Things were produced. The Ten Thousand Things fill up the space between Heaven and Earth. Hence Chien and Kun are followed by Chun, which denotes filling up. Chun denotes what has just been born. What has just been born is in its childhood. Thus, after Beginnings, Childhood follows.

Perhaps you may have noticed, that the First Two are opposites, Chien being composed of all Yang lines, and Kun of all Yin lines. This sets the Pattern what is to come for the remaining Sixty-Two Gua. Thus, Chun is composed, from bottom to top, of the following lines: Yang, Yin, Yin, Yin, Yang, Yin, and Meng is In order to truly understand an individual Gua, it is best to turn it upside down and compare it to its partner.


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