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I Ching 201.14: Ta Yu is time for abundance

Hexagram Number Fourteen is “Ta Yu”, which literally Means, “Many Possessions”. Let’s modify that to the more Modern Metaphysical Term “Abundance”. It is the upside-down version of its immediate predecessor, Tong Ren. It is, thus, composed of Li over Chien, or Fire over Heaven. It is considered to relate to the Fire Element, and the Fifth Lunar Month, around June. Strangely, this Hexagram is even more positive than Tong Ren; this does not fit the usual Pattern.



Abundance and Prosperity lead to great progress and success.


To those who cultivate networking, come possessions, and hence Tong Ren is followed by Ta Yu.


Fire above Heaven: the image of Abundance. Thus the Sage suppresses Evil and advances Good, and thereby obeys the benevolent will of heaven.

In other Words, to be a Sage, one must exercise Free Will, while obeying God’s Will at the same Time.


Nine at the beginning means: Do not feel guilty about avoiding what can harm you.

Become conscious of the difficulty, be humble, and you will remain guilt-free.

King Wen is saying to enjoy the Abundance, but avoid pride.

Nine in the second place means: Load up the big wagon. Begin the undertaking. Do not feel guilty about advancing in whatever direction you choose.

The imagery here is based on a Yang line in the middle of Chien. Heaven was visualized as circular. This line Means, “Go for it!”

Nine in the third place means: A Noble presents offerings to the Monarch.

The petty cannot do this.

The Monarch is in line Five. Receiving Abundance also Means, to serve the Community.

Nine in the fourth place means: Be discriminating and clear; do not overdo and do not feel guilty about it.

In this situation, make choices and choose goals wisely.

Six in the fifth place means: Be sincere, and others will respond with the same. Be accessible, yet dignified, and you will have good fortune.

In other Words, like responds to like. This is the Ruler of the Hexagram. It is Time to use the Law of Attraction.

Nine at the top means: You are blessed by Heaven. You will have Good Fortune,

and every associated advantage.

Enjoy the Moment. Keep in Mind, however, that Wealth bears responsibilities.

This Hexagram shares roots with the Geomantic Figure Via, topped by the Bigram for Metal, Young Yin. Ta Yu is, not surprisingly, very popular in use in Good luck Charms.

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