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I Ching 201.13: Tong Ren means its time to network!

Lucky Hexagram Number Thirteen is titled “Tong Ren”, which Means “Networking”. Literally, the term Means “Fellowship among men”, and has been variously translated into English as “Beloved”, “Friendship”, “Like-Minded people” or “Universal Brotherhood”. This writer has chosen the more modern equivalent “Networking”. It is composed of Chien over Li, hence, Fire within Heaven. It is considered to refer to the Element of Metal, and the Seventh Lunar Month, around August.



Things cannot for ever be shut up, and hence P’i is followed by Tong Ren.


NETWORKING in the open country indicates progress and success. It advances to cross the River; to be persistent and upright like a Sage.

One can easily imagine a picnic or other outside public gathering.


Heaven together with fire: The image of NETWORKING. Thus the Sage organizes the clans according to the character of their People, and makes distinctions between things according to their Nature.

This refers to Ancient Times, when Fu Hsi and Nu Wa Named the Clans and founded Civilization. The Times indicated by this Gua are for planning and arranging.


Nine at the beginning means: Seek networking at the gate, without guilt.

It is Time to reach out.

Six in the second place means: Seek networking within the Clan can lead to humiliation.

This is a bad Time to seek help from family.

Nine in the third place means: The armed soldiers hide in the bushes,

And ascend to the highest hills, concealing themselves there for Three Years.

Meet in secret, and take the necessary Time to resolve all necessary issues.

Nine in the fourth place means: They ascended the city walls, but could not attack There will be Good Fortune.

Sometimes, the moral answer is to hold back, and wait.

Nine in the fifth place means: those bound together in networking first weep and lament, but afterward they laugh. After great struggles they succeed in meeting.

Here the impediments can be overcome.

Nine at the top means: Networking in the meadow. No remorse.

Here the meeting place is back outside. It is as the Characters of the First Five lines have all reunited again.

The Geomantic Figure “Puer” is the same as the First Four lines of Tong Ren, topped by the Bigram of Fire.

The overall augur of Tong Ren is usually positive.

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