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I Charleston Nashville: Music City's contribution to a worldwide movement

If you haven't already seen this video you should.

The 4-minute YouTube hit, entitled "I Charleston Nashville", shows people dancing gleefully to an infectiously energetic song by C2C, in various places on the streets of Nashville. The Parthenon, the downtown public library, the Shelby Street bridge, and other iconic landmarks of Music City serve as backdrops while the dancers Charleston away in swing-era dress.

The video was made by members of the Nashville Swing Dance Foundation (NSDF), including Andrew Rozario, who has worked in the film industry professionally and, according to the I Charleston Nashville Creators page, "has been swing dancing on and off for over ten years." When the video was published over a year ago, it quickly gained thousands of views, and was reported on by WKRN News 2. According to WKRN, the video sparked an increase in demand from NSDF for swing dance lessons and performances.

The video was made as Nashville's contribution to a larger movement known as I Charleston the World, which began when a French swing dance group called the Swing Jammerz challenged swing dancers across the world to make films of themselves dancing the Charleston around their cities. This fun, atypical art assignment has been quite successful, judging by the map which shows that videos have been made in cities as different as Hong Kong and Chicago. Meanwhile, the Nashville video encapsulates the rich and quirky character of the beautiful Music City, and shows off some amazing dancing skills. Find out more about NSDF here.

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