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I Cannot Afford to Pay My Mortgage--What Can I Do?

What Do I Do??
What Do I Do??


  • eCap 5 years ago

    Distressed Property

    Rent Back With The Option To Buy It Back
    We Will Convert High Mortgage Payment into Low Monthly Payments

    Our fund helps property owners negotiate with banks to keep you in your property!

    Our Fund company is currently in the process of going public. We are raising millions of dollars for the relief of distressed assets which will prevent many American from having their property foreclosed upon.

    Here Is How The Program Works.

    Potential client most - First complete an application with the Fund and pay a $100 processing fee (The Fee Is Non Refundable).
    We will then ask for permission to start negotiating a buyout on the property with your bank. Once we negotiate buying the property, the Fund will purchase your property and rent it back to you at a reduced rate lowering your monthly payments significantly. We will execute an option that in 5 or 10 years you can buy back your property at the original price you paid for it. 1-856-412-8056

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