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I can't quit, can I?

Smoking can be an addiction, a habit, or inherited
Smoking can be an addiction, a habit, or inherited
Mail Online: PUBLISHED:15:00 EST, 27 March 2013| UPDATED:15:01 EST, 27 March 2013

"I want to quit smoking."

"I've tried nearly everything.”

"Why can't I quit?"

Why do many people have a hard time quitting? What is it about smoking cigarettes that seems to have some people stuck in process that others are not? There are several reasons why some people seem to be stuck smoking no matter how hard they might try to quit. According to eHow Health, there are only a few reasons that make smoking cessation for some people difficult.

  • Addiction: Nicotine is, according to some experts, as addicting as cocaine and heroin. Both a stimulant and a depressant, nicotine increases your heart rate so you feel more alert, then it makes you feel depressed and tired so you want another one to get your energy and good feelings back. You end up chasing the good feeling. But not all people become addictive to nicotine. Some people just have a bad habit.
  • Habit: Many people who smoke reach for a cigarette after a meal, when drinking, while driving, when they wake up, etc. To this type of smoker, it is more of a habit than an addiction. They smoke simply out of habit, like biting your nails, clicking a pen, knuckle cracking, or gum smacking, to name a few. To them, breaking the habit is “too hard” to do. And honestly, breaking some bad habits is a difficult endeavor, but one that ends up fruitful in the end. But there is also another sticking point to quitting smoking…
  • Heredity: In three separate studies conducted in 2008 found that people with a specific gene in their DNA makeup were more likely to become dependent on smoking than others without the gene. So, it could come from the family. This is much rarer than an addiction or a habit, but is a consideration in your quest to quit smoking. This only comes into play if someone with the gene starts smoking.

So, is there anything you can do to quit that will stick? Of course there is. Hypnotists have been very successful for years in helping long-time smokers quit the habit, arrest the addiction, leading to bypassing the gene. Smoking cessation has become one of the fastest growing hypnotherapy programs in the nation. The stigma placed on cigarettes as well as the large desire to quit make those wanting to quit looking for unconventional ways to stop.

Celebrities have used hypnosis to quit smoking. Matt Damon, Brittany Spears, Drew Barrymore are only a few. See what some have to say about it.

If you’ve tried other ways and still can’t seem to “kick the habit,” contact a Consulting Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist in your area about quitting today. You’d be surprised to find some people quit in a single session (while others may take more). If you want to quit, isn’t it worth a try?


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