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I can't find my Rogers silver flatware pattern

"I can't find my Rogers silver flatware pattern! Help!"

Variations of this cry for help are sent to me often. A specific question often reads something like this, "I have a set of 1847 Rogers Bros silver flatware and I cannot find out anything about it. I have searched high and low on the web but nothing helps."

In my reply to this specific question, I first make sure that the questioner understands that the 1847 Rogers Bros brand was taken over by International Silver Co. in 1898. Many patterns were introduced by International after 1898 that still carried the 1847 Rogers Bros brand.

Following is a list of the companies taken over in 1898 by International:

  • Barbour Silver Company (Hartford)
  • Holmes & Edwards Silver Company (Bridgeport)
  • Manhattan Silver Plate, (Lyons, New York)
  • Meriden Britannia Company (Meriden)
  • Norwich Cutlery (Norwich)
  • William Rogers Manufacturing Company (Hartford)
  • Rogers Cutlery (Hartford)
  • Rogers and Brothers (Waterbury)
  • Rogers and Hamilton (Waterbury)
  • Wilcox Silver Plate (Meriden)
  • Watrous Manufacturing Company (Wallingford)
  • Standard Silver Company, Ltd. (Toronto, Canada)
  • Derby Silver Company (Derby)
  • Simpson, Hall, Miller & Company (Wallingford)
  • Simpson Nickel Company (Wallingford)
  • Middletown Plate Company (Middletown).
  • C. Rogers & Brothers (Meriden)

So, I suggest to questioners like this that in addition to searching for the brand they find on their flatware, they also search under the name, "International". Finally, I offer up this web site as a very helpful one for pattern searching:

In the vast majority of cases, this answer provides what the questioner seeks.

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