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I Call Myself Earth Girl novel

A good storyteller will captivate their audience and have them salivating over the next turn of events.

Storyteller and author Jan Krause Greene.
Jan Krause Greene
I Call Myself Earthgirl is available on Amazon.
John Hunt Publishing (Soulrocks)

Jan Krause Greene is that kind of storyteller.

What’s even better is that she wrote a book! I Call Myself Earth Girl, published through John Hunt Publishing (Soul Rocks) tells a fascinating story about a woman by the name of Gloria who keeps having these reoccurring dreams about another girl’s (Earth Girl) misfortune of being abducted and raped. The plot turns into a mystery when Gloria finds herself pregnant…in spite of her the lack of intimacy in her marriage.

Gloria’s perception of reality and dreams blur into one as she struggles to save her marriage while seeking a logical explanation to her delicate condition. She cannot help but wonder if her dreams of Earthgirl’s rape and her pregnancy are related.

In this book of mystery and fantasy, Gloria searches for answers that would explain how can she be carrying a baby conceived in another lifetime and most importantly, why was she chosen?

I Call Myself Earth Girl is Greene’s first book. She has worked as an English teacher, an education consultant, and newspaper columnist. Her weekly column, Homefront, appeared in The Middlesex News during the 80s and 90s.

“Jan Krause Greene's debut novel is one of those books you just can't put down. The story is compelling and the characters keep you wanting more. Most readers will be inextricably drawn into Gloria's dilemma quickly. The plot twists and turns its way to an unexpected, but satisfying, finale. The moral heart of this intriguing tale centers on difficult issues that don't have simple answers… After you are done, you will keep thinking about it for a long, long time.” Julie Mancini, Founding Director of Literary Arts Portland.

Visit the official I Call Myself Earth Girl website here.

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