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"I Art Boobies" charity fundraiser


The Breast Cancer Resource Center has announced the first of its fabulous fundraisers in the Austin, Texas area which will raise money for women and their families effected by merciless disease breast cancer. From support groups to financial assistance, the BCRC has been an organization that has touched the lives of thousands of individuals, making a profound difference in people's ability to fight and recover from the devastating impact of breast cancer.

The first event for 2010 that will directly support the BCRC will be held on February 13th at the Blue Theater in Austin, Texas. Lauren Lunsford, a.k.a. "Iris the Artiste", has created a kaleidoscope of images, paintings and poetry which will be on display throughout the event. Iris teamed up with photographers Zane Yost, James Gibbard and Tiny T and art models to collaborate and produce works of art expressing the female form and focusing on the breast as a source of inspiration. Art models Savonne the Minx, Xanaboobs, Eva Chablis and Alabama Montgomery will also participate in the evening.

“Being nude is part of life and its purest form, the female breast to me symbolizes the mother and nurturer of life…I want to celebrate our breast” says Lunsford.

"I Art Boobies" will also include Human Art Installations,Video Installation, a live collaborated painting with the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls and Burlesque Performances from Savonne the Minx, Ilsa the Wolf and Iris the Artiste.

The show will begin at 7:00pm with performances beginning at 9pm. Admission is $12 and includes Raspberry Cosmos and Cupcakes. The Blue Theater is located at 916 Springdale Rd (between airport and E. 7th). For more information contact: Lauren Lunsford at 918.346.2131. For more information on the Breast Cancer Resource Center visit


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