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"I Am the Majority" project seeks Pit Bulls and their people for photo shoot

"I Am the Majority" project seeks Pit Bulls and their people for photo shoot
"I Am the Majority" project seeks Pit Bulls and their people for photo shoot
Animal Farm Foundation/Ledyard C.H.A.I.N.

Fueled by the success of the first project, "I Am the Majority", a loving tribute to Pit Bulls and their owners is back.

For those not familiar, the idea is to have Pit Bulls and their people in pictures taken with a sign that identifies the owner's place in the community as an every day person: Mother, Father, Neighbor, Mail Carrier, etc, showing them as the rule, not the exception.

Sponsored by Animal Farm Foundation in partnership with Ledyard C.H.A.I.N., there will be two actual events and photo shoots. The first will take place on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at Ledyard Animal Control, located on J Alfred Clark Way in Ledyard, CT between 10 a.m and 1 p.m. The second one will take place on October 4, 2014 at Alice Acres Farm Market and Greenhouses, located at 39 Military Hwy, Gales Ferry, CT between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Dogs in attendance must remain on a leash at all times and be current with their rabies vaccination.

For those who anticipate not being able to attend, all is not lost. You can submit your own photo by adhering to the following guidelines as posted in the Facebook events:

1. Take a photo in good lighting or outside.
2. You MUST download the "I Am The Majority" Poster to hold in your photo. The link will be at the end and prints out on a regular 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. I cannot use any photos that do not include this poster.
3. In the blank spot on the poster, fill in a word that describes your valued role in your community or in your family. For example: I am a Mother, Student, Bus Driver, Business Owner, Tax Payer, Husband, Volunteer, Teacher, Voter, Coach, Homeowner, Grandma, Mentor, etc. Be sure to write this clearly – use a fat marker – and keep it simple.
4. Gather up your family dogs, hold up the poster, and have your photo taken. If there are multiple people in your photo – such as other family members – have each individual hold up their own personalized poster.
5. Email your photo by October 6, 2014 to
6. Include your name, your pet's name and your town.
7. To download the poster go to:

To view the 2013 "I Am the Majority" video, click here.

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