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The face of horror
The face of horror

If there is twenty minutes or so that a pc gamer can sit down and simply scare themselves, "Imscared" is the title to do that with.

"Imscared" is a pixelated horror title on Game Jolt that has the players running around in what looks to be a house or large mansion and exploration is the name of the game. The main character must track down keys and other objects to progress through the game's many doors. Sometimes it is keys. Others...its bloody hearts. However, when opening a door on the first floor. The horror really beings. There is a disembodied head floating outside a wall of bars, smiling heinously before it slowly fades from sight. This is the thing that's following you, and calling to you.

As the player progresses through the stages, certain files with open in the player's actual download folder, images and quick flashes of the being that's pursuing you will quickly appear and disappear, drawing the player themselves into the horror. The game is a quick play and the ending is quite brutal and unexpected.

Give it a try...if you dare.