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I am Batman and you too can become Batman in just a few easy steps


In this video game image released by Eidos, Batman escorts the
Joker to a prison for the criminally insane in "Batman: Arkham
Asylum." (AP Photo/Eidos)

Batman: Arkham Asylum has just been released on all major platforms.  The highly anticipated game was pushed back to a Summer/Fall release.  In an interesting move, Eidos green-lit a Batman project that followed no movie.  Instead the creators focused on making a great game and finally giving "The Dark Knight" a decent game that fans and gamers would like.

I must make the statement that I am a Batman fan, he is my favorite superhero because he isn't perfect, but it is these imperfections that make him so great.  

When I got my copy of the game I threw it in my counsel and was whisked away to Arkham Asylum.  Granted it's not the first place that comes to mind when thinking of a vacation, but with the Dark Knight as my guide I could think of a lot of other places that would be worse.  Batman: Arkham Asylum is an incredible game.  The game-play is spot on, the attention to Batman's Rogues is phenomenal but the center of attention are the voice talents of Mark Hamill (AKA Luke Skywalker) and Kevin Conroy reprising their roles of The Joker and Batman from the animated series.  

While there are lots of great moments in the game, there are a couple bad things that took some getting used to.  First off Batman is pretty big, "Bats" takes up most of the screen at times.  This was distracting but I got used to it.  The second thing is that the game is pretty open, you get to explore and look around places.  I love this feature because you can always go back and collect items that might have missed, but some will find this frustrating because you have to go back to places you were at before and there is the risk that you might become lost on where you are to go next.  

A factor that I love about the game is that it is dark and gritty.  Due to this, Batman's Rogues show their true colors and prove just how dangerous they can be.  While this was missed in the cartoon series, hinted at in the cartoon series and glimpsed in the films, this game shows it as best they can without going over a "Teen" rating.  There are so many details I love about this game that it just might be my vote for game of the year.  Now hopefully they won't ruin a sequel. 

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