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I am a Black Belt

Black Belt
Black Belt
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So you have reached the final destination of your journey. But is it the end? For those who only wish train a martial art just to say I have at least reached to become a black belt, then can say I am now complete, or I can quit, I know it all. To the concept of the style and where the roots of the art where the training began, can be perhaps only somewhat true. But there is never an end to the style one practices. Many after a while wish to learn more moves, kicks, and punches, or learn how to use the same weapon but in different ways of wielding the weapon.

Law Enforcement/Chinese Kung Fu

Kicking Technique Workouts

But just because one reaches the destination of becoming a black belt, does not mean that training ends, and it does not grow. Perhaps even in training in the same system or continuing to train in the same organization, you might be using the same moves learned from other forms, or self defense skills. But there is always more to learn to adjust, perfect, to even modify the move to perform a powerful skill in self defense.

International Tae Kwon Do Federation

Kiyokushin Karate

All styles are not created equal, as many other arts take pieces or add on to what other styles have to offer, does not mean being a black belt there is an end. Even in styles that are from the same root that are branched out or grown in different forms of moves can be changed or grown. Many who have reached to the point of being a black belt, may not completely understand where each of the moves come from, or how they originate or where the first root of that strike was developed into many other set of forms. Not all styles teach the same move the same way. Not all systems will interpret the style the same but have different variations what is a martial art in that system. Each organization has their different interpretation how to evaluate the correct move to perform the perfect strike.

Wing Chun Vs Karate

Hapkido Vs Tae Kwon Do

Lyoto Machida Shotokan Karate 1

Lyoto Machida Shotokan Karate 2

Even with each country, may have similar tactics or techniques that came from another art form, and change or re-modified how to teach the same stance but in a different aspect. Either for meditation, relaxation, or for inner strength. Even if it means to develop a different view how to exercise the muscle to develop a style of self defense.Each style has their point of view how to demonstrate the art form. But being a black belt does not mean you completely know everything. Only what was taught from that instructor and how the student learns in that art form through that system or in the organization.

Tang Soo Do


Korean Kenpo/Kwon Bop

Shaolin Kung Fu/Chuan Fa

Shaolin Way of Kicking

The black belt is only a symbol what it means to gain the skills to reach the hard dedication to become a black belt. Many love a style that only utilizes kicks. Other might prefer an art form that only uses weapons and upper body strength. Many who don't have the desire to become flexible but only choose a grappling art that only requires learning how to fall and disarm a weapon. Whatever the pursuits are to become a black belt, remember that it never ends, but it continues to grow and progress to understand how ones body can become perfected to be a black belt.

ITF Tae Kwon Do vs Muy Thai

Tae Kwon Do Vs Karate

The martial arts is an on going process that never ends. Either you mix it with another style and cross train other art forms, but it never stops, it continues and one can benefit to understand the purpose of that martial art form. Even in the same style and the forms may or may not have any meaning to the individual. But the form has a purpose that can be utilized to help an individual how to defend one self in the process of becoming a black belt.

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