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I-94 pileup leaves 3 dead and dozens injured when more than 40 cars collide

The I-94 pileup took three lives and sent more than 20 people to the hospital on Thursday. A band of heavy lake effect snow not only caused slippery conditions, but it brought white out conditions that also contributed to the I-94 pileup of more than 40 vehicles, according the Herald Standard on Jan. 24.

I-94 pileup of more than 40 cars left 3 dead and dozens injured on Thursday.
YouTube screen shot

In the center of this pileup was a huge group of tractor trailer trucks among the over 40 vehicles strewn across the I-94 stretch of busy highway that connects Chicago to Detroit. The crash happened near Michigan City, which is about 60 miles outside of Chicago.

One person was trapped in their car for hours as they waited for the rescue personal to free them. The storm that dumped one to two inches an hour caused the accident which closed I-94 for a good portion of the late afternoon and evening on Thursday. The temperatures hovered around 10 degrees and the cold was another danger for the people in the accident and for the folks who were stuck in the traffic jam that had the highway at a standstill.

This accident was a nightmare for everyone involved from the crash victims to the folks who came up behind the crash scene that halted traffic. Moms were on the road with their kids and they became tied up for hours with their little ones in the car. Stories of other drivers, perhaps just coming home from the supermarket, handing out food to the kids were shared with the media. The kids who were missing their dinnertime were given cereal and snacks, which brings up a few examples of how people band together in times like this.

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