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I-94 pileup: Deadly crash involves more than 40 vehicles

I-94 pileup involved more than 40 vehicles in blizzard conditions on Thursday. Three people were killed including a dog and 22 were injured in the massive accident. According to United Press International on Jan. 24, the wreck occurred in northwestern Indiana near Michigan City.

Cranes and tow trucks worked Friday morning to clear the highway of detritus after they rushed to insure more cars weren't still stuck underneath trucks. The highway fully reopened late Friday morning, some 18 hours after the crash.

I-94 pileup claimed the lives of Jerry Dalrymple, 65, of Chicago and his dog. A Michigan couple, Marilyn and Thomas Wolma, 65 and 67, were also killed. Another 22 people were injured. Fire chief Mick Pawlik, called the scene 'a war zone."

The I-94 pileup required over four hours just to get to all of the victims. The snowy section of interstate was closed to traffic overnight. At least 15 semi-trucks were involved and 25 cars. The wreckage was finally cleared by Friday morning.

State police commented that conditions went from clear to whiteout very quickly. The sudden onset of lake-effect snow shocked drivers who could no longer see where they were going or any other traffic.

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