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I-805 a construction crossing at Mira Mesa Blvd

Future Mira Mesa commuter traffic will use a Carroll Canyon Road underpass under construction to enter and exit the busy I-805 freeway. On Friday, January 24th, Caltrans dirt movers stayed active on the road length connecting the underpass to the Scranton Road junction, the last length in the main work on the underpass.

A drive through road. Construction site under the Carroll Canyon Road underpass.
A drive through road. Construction site under the Carroll Canyon Road underpass.Adam Benjamin
At work on Carroll Canyon Rd I-805 underpass. Jan 24th.
At work on Carroll Canyon Rd I-805 underpass. Jan 24th. Adam Benjamin

One grab and lift machine took stabs at pulling out the old roadside works and landscape. During January, workers take a big step laying out a junction path drivers will use to access the freeway near the canyon railroad tracks. A level Carroll Canyon Road has to handle a major traffic load.

Stop and go freeway to road traffic ruined the evening drive along Mira Mesa Boulevard, just a block north. Adding the southern connections to I-805 on Carroll Canyon Road that will take up traffic volume on south facing direct access ramps adds the local commuter lines to the northern end work in the first stage on the north I-805 project funded by Transnet and the Prop 1A funds voters approved in 2006, and made a full scale project by Recovery Act funds. A project that adds lanes to a widened freeway commuters can depend on to avoid congestion, and keep the north traffic corridor on the move. Two carpool lanes built to widen to the line from La Jolla Village Drive to just north of the Mira Mesa Boulevard crossing would have made the stop and go traffic on entries and exits worse.

Carroll Canyon underpass, that will connect to Sorrento Valley Road on the west side and connect the west freeway exit to the existing Carroll Canyon Road on the east side, will keep traffic moving around the congested boulevard crossing. A freeway access road below Caltrans workers ran off the main path to keep 2015 traffic flowing steady on and off the southern access ramps cut into the canyon Friday. Workers lengthened an edge rail.

Iron supports stood alongside the old road set to support a future pass.

Lining up the paved commuter roads takes months of digging and months of road building. The bridge waidening above the underpass, made a local traffic reliever by the freeway connections, will undo traffic tie ups.

Drivers will, in 2015, fight the north I-805 traffic ready to travel around overloaded car lines. Helped to stay at ease in traffic by new sound walls along the ramps. North county to the Otay Mesa border or La Jolla all the way to L.A., the old need to avoid heavy congestion while driving through the Mira Mesa crossing will lower.

The first stage in the I-805 project planned to loosen up the lanes on the long drive through the crossing could not end too soon.

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