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I-80 drug stops: Humboldt County, Nevada sued for taking cash from drivers

Ed Kilgore of the Humboldt County Sheriff Dept in Nevada defends I-80 drug stops
Ed Kilgore of the Humboldt County Sheriff Dept in Nevada defends I-80 drug stops

I-80 drug stops that occurred in Nevada, as deputies with the Humboldt County Sherriff’s department stopped motorists along Interstate 80 under the guise of drug enforcement, are being investigated. The I-80 drug stops have resulted in 5wo persons – one from Colorado and another from California – complaining that deputies seized tens of thousands of dollars from them for absolutely no reason at all, according to an Inquisitr report on Thursday.

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It has been reported by Fox News that as many as 80 drug stops have occurred as a result of the I-80 drug stop in which $60,000 or more has been confiscated from motorists.

Humboldt County Sheriff Ed Kilgore claims that the act of stopping drivers and taking the cash is legal because it is legal for officers to seize money if he thinks the money was obtained illegally or would be used illegally.

Kilgore says that he is hearing on the street that his deputies stop people, ask for their license, registration, insurance, and how much money they have. He claims that is not how things are done.

There are two lawsuits against Kilgore’s department which claim that the deputies found no drugs in cars and did not arrest the drivers of the cars. Yet, their vehicles were impounded and they were told that they could only get their cars back if they forfeited their cash.

In both of the lawsuits filed against department, deputies found no drugs in the car and did not arrest either man. But their vehicles were impounded, and deputies told the men that the cars would only be released if they forfeited their cash.

Even though Humboldt County officials defend the I-80 drug stops, those opposed to them state that people are being found guilty until proven innocent.

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